MONDAY 150601

For time:

Run 400m
10 heel-supported L-pullups
Farmer’s carry, 400m
10 heel-supported L-pullups
Run 300m
15 heel-supported L-pullups
Farmer’s carry 300m
15 heel supported L-pullups
Run 200m
20 heel supported L-pullups
Farmer’s carry 200m
20 heel supported L-pullups

Weights for farmer’s carry: LGRx=12#; LBRx & RGRx=16#; RBRx=20#

WL Group: Shoulder Press: 7-7-7-7-7

Post time and load used for farmer’s carry to WOD Log.


Jeb stands up 185# Sumo-deadlifts 7x during WL WOD 150529. I think the belt really did make him stronger!

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