Month: May 2015

MONDAY 150601

For time: Run 400m 10 heel-supported L-pullups Farmer’s carry, 400m 10 heel-supported L-pullups Run 300m 15 heel-supported L-pullups Farmer’s carry 300m 15 heel supported L-pullups Run 200m 20 heel supported L-pullups Farmer’s carry 200m 20 heel supported L-pullups Weights for…

FRIDAY 150529

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 5 Kicks up to a handstand 10 Superman wall touches, 18″ target 15 Double-unders WL Group: Sumo deadlift: 7-7-7-7-7 Post times and loads to WOD Log      


“Fight Gone Bad!” 3 Rounds for reps, 1 minute each of: 15-35# hang squat cleans box jumps, 20″ maximum ring rows wall ball shots 8#-20# “competition” pushups rest Post total reps, weights used for HPCs and WBs, and height of…

FRIDAY 150522

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 20 double-unders 25 weighted good mornings 30 push press Use the same weight for the good mornings as for the push press: RBRx = 35#; RGRx & LBRx = 25#; LGRx…

MONDAY 150518

For time: SDHP, 40 reps 100 push-ups SDHP, 40 reps Rhetoric Boys Rx=35#; Rhetoric Girls/Logic Boys Rx=25#; Logic Girls Rx=15# Post times to WOD Log

FRIDAY 150515

For time: 50 double-unders (or 150 single-unders) 100 sit-ups 50 double-unders (or 150 single-unders) Ropes may be checked out today at Endurance Outfitters, 601 E. Central in Belton. Post times and jump rope method used to WOD log.


Welcome to the inaugural posting of the CrossFit ProvPrep site!  WODs will be prescribed here, as well as activities for parents of grammar school and pre-teen students during at-home school days. For time: Run 400m SDHP, 100 reps Run 400m…