Workout of the Day

6 efforts each for time of:

100 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts

Post your times to SugarWOD.

Transfer your data from here.

Non Nobis 189830

In front of a clock set for 18 minutes, complete as much of the following pattern as possible:
Row 250 meters
3 GHD sit-ups
95/65 lb. thruster, 3 reps
Row 250 meters
6 GHD sit-ups
95/65 lb. thruster, 6 reps
Row 250 meters
9 GHD sit-ups
95/65 lb. thruster, 9 reps
For each successive round, increase the rep count of the GHD sit-ups and thrusters by 3. Continue this pattern until time expires.

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